How To Negotiate Low Mortgage Rates

low mortgage ratesFor the majority of Americans, purchasing a house includes getting a mortgage. When it comes to getting a mortgage, it is not as simple as merely filling out a loan application and waiting around for approval. You can hire a loan office from a mortgage company, whom you will paying their services that involves finding you the best and low mortgage rate. Even established banks that provide mortgage loans will require you to make full use of their loan officers once you are applying for a mortgage. The loan officer will charge interest rates and fees that are negotiable. You need to know how to get low mortgage rates.

Create Competition

Determine what exactly a low interest rate mean for your current state. The interest rate for a less than perfect loan borrower and low down payment is higher compared to the interest rate for a perfect credit borrower with a high down payment. You have to shop your mortgage loan with different mortgage lenders, at least three of them. However, you can always get more than three. Inform the firms that did not provide you with the best rate to beat the lowest rate that you have been given or else you will take your business elsewhere. A few will give you a new low mortgage rate quote. Work with all these possible lenders until one mortgage lender prevails.

Negotiate With Whole Loan

You should negotiate more than the interest rate. The interest rate as well as the settlement fees go together. In case you will pay discount points, you could purchase your rate lower than the average rate. Try to negotiate the settlement fees first before you proceed with the interest rate. The fees you set should be at the level that you can and are willing to pay and then try to request a lower interest rate without an increase in fees. In case you want to pay a discount point –1 % of the loan amount to purchase the interest rate down, never talk about this during negotiation. You should wait until it appears like the interest rate and fees have been negotiated down completely. Once you are on that point, you should ask what will be the rate in case you paid a discount point.

Monitor The Rates

The second biggest mortgage investors in the country, Freddie Mac, is publishing the interest rate on average and points on the loans in the nation. Since 1977, they’ve continued to publish this rates. The public has access to this information thanks to Freddie Mac and the rates are available on different websites. In case you have been quoted with a rate that is higher than the average, be sure to explain  to your loan officer that you would like to pay an interest rate that is lower than average and closing costs that are lower than average as well.

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